Gear Keeper Large Flashlight Right Angle Retractor Kit



  • Heavy Duty RT3 Series Gear Keeper features 80 lb. break strength 32” Nylon/Kevlar line and a high-impact housing. 24 oz. retraction force is optimum for larger right-angle flashlights. Pin Mount Retractor is easily mounted to a flashlight tab, pocket, or webbing strap. Stainless Steel Threaded Stud penetrates webbing or material cleanly, and screws into the back of the Gear Keeper housing for a secure mount. Quick Connect II split ring with Pivot-Ball Connection lets you easily attach and disconnect your flashlight to the retractor. Flashlight Stabilizer eliminates swinging by keeping the flashlight close to your turnout coat. The adjustable elastic strap on this separate pin-mounted unit is quick, effective, and easy to use, holding the light securely in position, yet allowing enough flexibility to prevent binding or damage to your garment or gear in case of a hang-up.
  • Convenient Positioning. Both the retractor and stabilizer can be mounted on your turnout coat in the positions that work best for you.


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